Premium Asset Storage Facility In Walker, Minnesota

Welcome to our specialized premium asset storage section at Walker Storage Megaplex, where we pride ourselves on providing secure and smart storage solutions for your Valuable assets. Our Modern facility is designed to meet the unique needs of vintage cars, snowmobiles, RVs, pontoons, ice house RVs, four wheeler ATVs, and more. Discover how we go above and beyond to ensure the safety and preservation of your cherished possessions.

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Vintage Cars:

Indulge your passion for vintage cars by entrusting them to our secure storage facility and Step into a world where our vintage car storage units at Walker Storage Megaplex.We understand the importance of preserving their value and beauty.


  • Our facility boasts climate-controlled storage units, maintaining stable temperature and humidity levels to safeguard your vintage cars.
  • With 24/7 surveillance and restricted access, your prized possessions are under constant protection.


Ideal for car enthusiasts, collectors and vintage car owners seeking premium storage conditions, our facility ensures that your vintage cars remain in pristine condition.


Feel reassured during the off season with our specialized snowmobile storage. It's a   cozy space where they can chill out during the off season So, when winter rolls around, your snowmobiles are all revved up and ready to hit the snow our facility ensures your snowmobiles are ready for winter adventures.


  • Customized storage areas for snowmobiles of various sizes.
  • Consider incorporating an additional security by opting for climate-controlled storage and providing an added layer of protection for your belongings


Protect your investment and make sure your snowmobiles are always in great shape for the next winter season


RVs (Recreational Vehicles):

Secure storage for RVs, motorhomes, and campers. Our spacious bays and additional features provide a convenient storage solution between your adventures.


  • Large, accommodating spaces suitable for different RV sizes.
  • Optional power outlets for maintenance and charging.
  • Gated facility with surveillance cameras for peace of mind.


Keep yourself relax when it comes with knowing your RVs are protected from the elements and ready for your next journey.


Pontoons and Ice House RVs:

Discover purpose built storage for pontoons and ice house RVs, ensuring they are sheltered from weather damage and ready for use.


  • Sheltered spaces protect pontoons and ice houses from weather damage.
  • Easy access for loading and unloading watercraft.


Extend the lifespan of your pontoons and ice houses, ensuring they are always ready for your next aquatic adventure.

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Four-Wheeler ATVs:

Guarantee the longevity of your off road ATVs and quads with our secured storage designed to prevent exposure to harsh weather conditions.


  • Clearly defined areas meticulously crafted for the systematic storage of ATVs and guaranteeing optimal utilization of available space
  • Choose whether to include climate-controlled storage for additional protection and care


Preserve the condition of your ATVs, guaranteeing they are always ready for your next off road escapade.


And More Premium Storage:

Custom Solutions:

Discover a world of opportunities  with our Custom Solutions. Our expert team is ready to create a personalized storage solution that caters specifically to your valuable possessions

Flexible Spaces:

our Multifaceted storage areas provide the adaptability needed to safeguard your most prized belongings. From climate control to designated zones, your stuff gets the VIP treatment. At our place your valuables aren't just stored they're looked after, coddled and made to feel right at home.


At Walker Storage Megaplex, we believe in offering personalized service.Schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable team to discuss your specific storage requirements. During these consultations, we delve into the details, understand your unique needs, and explore custom solutions fitted to exceed your expectations. We're here to deliver unparalleled storage experiences.


Reserve Your Premium Storage:

Ready to secure a premium storage space for your valuable assets? Our team at Walker Storage Megaplex looks forward to providing the perfect home for your possessions.

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